The stunning images of master photographer Cindy Kassab are often mistaken for oil paintings or watercolors. Her camera becomes her brush. The landscapes and quiet details she captures have a dreamy, fantasy-world artistic quality uniquely her own; and to those who know her represent a true reflection of her very own deep spirituality. 

Framed works may be viewed and purchased at the William Joseph Gallery in Portland, Oregon. If you own a gallery and wish to represent Cindy outside the Portland area or would like to purchase unframed photographs directly from the artist you may contact Cindy at

Cindy's images are available for stock and editorial purchase through CORBIS images

Behind the Images:
The time of day is a crucial element in one of Cindy's images. Often, after finding an area with potential she will come back later to catch the last moments of the day or the soft light just before dawn. She began creating her landscapes using a Pentax 6x7; but now works with a high resolution professional digital camera.. She occasionally uses Photoshop to apply painterly effects to an image to further communicate her perceptions of the subject (for example in Monet's House or Butchart Garden's Entrance) but always remains true to the original image. The composition, colors, and moods are all present in the original. The key to every Kassab photograph lies in the quality of God's light. 

The finished images are printed on an Epson Archival Ink printer; not only because the textures of the watercolor papers enhance her vision, but because it allows her to create works of art that will last longer than traditional photographic mediums.
Commercial clients that have used her images include Kimberly-Clark, Standard Insurance Company, Kaiser Hospital, and Oregon Health Science University.

Behind the Artist:
"The one element I use most consistently in my photography is light itself. 
 I get emotionally charged by light. That strange, familiar, indefinable, and infinite chameleon. Red and violet, orange and yellow, green and blue, white. Always in flux, now bold and striking, now soft and yielding. Always moving, yet somehow never moving on. Enhancing limbs and rocks, tall buildings, and gigantic diesel trucks, dandelion seeds and snails' shells, galley sails and ocean swells. Using nature's language of images, we as photographers can create works of great beauty if we develop our technical skills and techniques, and if we increase our sensitivity to the wonders of God's earth. Nature is His visual P.A. system. The earth is not silent. From the lofty mountains to the fruitful valleys, down to the broad deep ocean at sunset, these mysterious and glorious wonders leave me a desire to share His Art."